We're excited to announce "Titans of CNC: Academy - Small Groups" the next evolution in creating a new generation of CAD/CAM and CNC experts.

Business owners/shop leaders will host small groups throughout America, and beyond, where Academy users will come together and collaborate to learn how to design, program, and CNC Academy parts. 

This is a great opportunity to create community in your own environment where you can advance your technique, bounce ideas off each other, and learn from hands-on application. 

It's a chance for leaders to positively impact our industry, network with like-minded individuals, build their own brand, and become pillars of excellence in their communities.

To become a Member of a Small Group, or to signup to be a Host/Leader, click continue and provide some basic information about yourself.
Small Group signups are broken into two categories. You can either signup to be a Host/Leader in your community, or signup to be a Member of a Small Group in your community. 

Host/Leader: If want to be a Small Group Host, there will be an opportunity to work your way into becoming a Leader and more. This is great opportunity to build your own skills, brand, and educate your community about manufacturing – elevating it in your own backyard. To become a Host/Leader you are required to have a machine that other students can build parts on.

Member: If you are not prepared to be a Host/Leader, or if you don't have a machine of your own, no problem. Simply signup to become a member of a Small Group and we'll help get you matched to one in your area.

Would you like to signup to be a Host/Leader or Member? *

What's your first name? *

Thanks, {{answer_fAxxxCrX3tqd}}. What's your last name? *

And how about a phone number *

It's a good backup to have. Don't worry, we won't call you unless it's absolutely necessary.
How many years of experience do you have in CNC machining? *

If you want to be a Host/Leader you need to be proficient in CNC machining, but we’re not necessarily looking at your years of experience. It’s ok if you're not an expert. This is a collaboration group where we expect you will learn together. We just want to gauge your experience level.
We're now going to get some information about your shop and your desire to be a Host/Leader.

Do you own a machine shop? *

Are you a leader in you shop, and do you have permission to host a small group at the facility? *

Perhaps it would be best if you signed up to become a Small Group Member. Please go up if you'd like to fill out this form to become a Member.

Do you have CNC machines available for other Small Group Members to use? *

Great! How many machines do you have? *

If you don't have any machines for ther students to use, it may be best for you to signup to become a Small Group Member. Please scroll up and you can signup to become a Member.

What model(s) are your machines? *

How many employees are at your shop? *

What state would your event be hosted in? *

And the city? *

And how about the zip/postal code?

Feel free to leave this blank if it is not relevant to your region.
Last question. Can you please provide a brief explanation regarding your teaching experience and what excites you about this opportunity? Why would you be a good Small Group Host/Leader? *

Let's make sure we're on the same page regarding expectations of you becoming a Small Group Host/Leader.

Titans of CNC: Academy is simply creating an opportunity for people to come together. We hold no responsibility or accountability for what happens at these group meetings. We are excited about the opportunity to connect passionate people. However, we need you to accept that you understand you are not an employee or contractor of Titans of CNC, nor are you being compensated for your time.

Additionally, you understand that you are allowing Titans of CNC to connect other people in you area with you in order to facilitate a connection and ongoing collaboration. It is up to you to decide how you want to manage that process, provide access to your shop, and ensure the safety of your shop and those who are visiting.

In the coming days, we will enable an interactive map on the TITANS of CNC: Academy website that will allow users to search for groups in their area. When the feature is activated, you may begin to receive messages from members interested in joining your group.

We want you to know a couple of things about the process and what to expect as soon as the feature goes live.

1) We do NOT make your contact information public. When an individuals chooses to join your group, the site will contact you on behalf of the user.
2) We will soon issue the TITANS of CNC: Small Groups Code of Ethics, wherein we will outline our expectations, values, and guidelines for group conduct.
3) We want to hear from you: tell us about your interactions. We also appreciate suggestions on how to improve the experience.
4) You control your start date. If now isn’t the right time to open your shop or facility to members, that’s okay! Just let us know whether you want to be hidden or visible and we’ll make it happen.
5) TITAN will make a series of videos to outline the vision and process of Small Groups for Hosts and Members.
6) TITAN is also working on a package for Hosts that will unlock unlimited benefits. This will include Networking and Sharing Deep Discounts with TITAN’s Partners. We will make sure to answer all of your questions before the Small Groups Map launches on the site. We want you all to be well prepared for the coming tide of interest!

Should you wish to opt out at this time, please do not continue.

The most important thing to know is that you’re now officially a part of the CNC Manufacturing Revolution. BOOM! *

Please click "I Accept" if you accept the conditions outlined above.
What state are you located in? *

And the city? *

And how about you zip code? *

Which option below best describes you?

Thanks! Last question. Can you please provide some information about your background and what you hope to get out of your Small Groups experience? *

All set! Thanks for your interest. 

We want you to know that we're extremely excited about this new opportunity to strengthen our industry and to build community. We will be doing a lot of development behind the scenes and promise to send out updates as we get further along. 

This will be an Epic Journey... BOOM!
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