We're glad to see that you're interested in becoming a Member of  "Titans of CNC: Academy - Small Groups" – the next evolution in creating a new generation of CAD/CAM and CNC experts.

This is a great opportunity to advance your technique, bounce ideas off each other, and learn from hands-on application. It's a chance to come alongside business owners and leaders, and collaborate to learn how to design, program, and CNC Academy parts. 
*This form is for individuals looking to become a Member of a Small Group, who were unable to locate a Host location on the map. If you are looking to become a Host/Leader, please return to the website and select the "Become a Host/Leader" button.
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If you want to be a Host/Leader you need to be proficient in CNC machining, but we’re not necessarily looking at your years of experience. It’s ok if you're not an expert. This is a collaboration group where we expect you will learn together. We just want to gauge your experience level.
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We want you to know that we're extremely excited about this new opportunity to strengthen our industry and to build community. We will be doing a lot of development behind the scenes and promise to send out updates as we get further along. 

This will be an Epic Journey... BOOM!
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